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Guide dog trainers are people who train puppies. The trainers walk the dogs in order 1. .... help them experience different environments. They also teach the dogs to learn how to guide their owners safely 2. .... the streets. Finding the right dog for an owner is 3. ... part of a trainer’s job. The trainers then 4. .... the dogs to their new owners and train them together.
To be a guide dog trainer you 5. .... be good with people and animals. If you are 6. ... in it as a possible future job, it’s a good idea to get some experience working with people and animals first. Remember that a lot of time is 7. ... walking the dogs outside. 8. ... , if you don't like getting wet this isn’t the job for you! If you want to be a trainer, it's also 9. ... to be very patient. The dogs won’t always do what you 10. ... them to do!
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1. to
2. on
3. a
4. bring? take?
5. must
6. interested
7. spent
8. of course?
9. important
10. tell
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4. bych dala bring
8. However
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