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Opravíte mi chyby ? AJ

Ahoj Úsměv Našel by se tu někdo, kdo by mi našel nějaké chyby ? Někde si tím nejsem moc jistá. Díky moc Úsměv
I live with my parents and my two sisters in a three – room flat in Velké Opatovice in Hliníky Street. Our flat is located in the fourth floor. Our flat has these rooms :
A bedroom – it is a room of my parents and my younger sister sleeps there.
A living room, my room
A kitchen with dining room – Mainly my mum cooks there but sometimes my father cooks there some specialities.
A corridor and of course a bathroom and a toilet
For description I choose a living room. I like our living room so much. I like sitting on the brown corner sofa standing at the back on the left In front of a sofa is a wooden coffee table. We put there some magazines. Next to the sofa is a lamp. Opposite the corner sofa on the wall is a fireplace. I love lying on the sofa and watching the fire. It makes me thoughtful. There is a bookcase between a lamp and a fire place. We have there many books. There are novels, encyclopaedias books or children books. Next to the fireplace are the doors from the kitchen. On the left next to the sofa is on the other coffee table an orchid. My mother loves plants and flowers so we have got on the wall over the sofa photo of orchid, too. At the front opposite the sofa is a big window with brown curtains. In front of the window is a television. In the middle decorate room a beige carpet. I like our living room so much so much. We meeting a relaxing there. But the room I like the most in our flat is my room.
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