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Charles Darwin

He was born in 1809 in Shopshire. He didn't want to be a doctor as his father, because he was detesting le blood, so he was studying the classical literature in Cambridge university, but later was decided for a geology and botany.
He joined to the world tour with the group of scientist. In 27 december, 1831 the ship Beagle left the England for 5 years. The biggest discovery was located the islands Galapagos. Here, Darwin was studing the fauna and the flora. He was detecting, so in every once island, there was living differentlly kind of tortoise or birds finches was having diffrentlly peckers. He was deciding, so birds must have adapted. Finally, he called it natural selection. It simply means:"Only the more powerful animals can outlive and their's childs will be more adapted for life in a place.
He was very afraiding to publish his works, because the Church disagreed with his theory as humans are from ape. His first and more famous was called The origin of species. Gradually, his theories mde right.
In my opinion, Darwin had got a true and I approve with him.
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..já to nechápu, buď tam máš strašně moc chyb.. a nebo jsou moje znalosti na mizivé úrovni ;) ..si vyber..
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