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1 He get in the car and drove off.
2 Jane got on the train and waved goodbye.
3 Tom is looking out of the window.
4 The helicopter is flying over the park.
5 Come into the house and get warm.
6 The boy is climbing up the ladder.
7 You must go over the bridge to get to the museum.
8 Be careful as you walk along the street.
9 We went through the forest for hours.
10 The bus is going from Prague to London.
11 Put the books onto the desk.
12 The cat is coming into the house through the window.
13 Tears are running down her face.
14 Go past the station then turn left.
15 Mum is putting the cake into the oven.
16 You must go up 100 steps to get there.
17 We cycled to the pond and then turned right.
18 This is the bridge over the river Elbe.
19 Don´t go through the park at night, it may be dangerous.
20 The pupils ran out of the classroom when the lesson finished.
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Vypadá to v pořádku.

Překlep v 1.větě: "He gOt in the car and drove off".
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Šlo by i:
Be careful as you walk across the street?
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Ano. Přehlédl jsem to. Mělo být across the street.
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