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Anj slovesné vzorce - kontrola

1) He asked her to help him.
2) They wanted to go to the theatre.
3) She offered to do the washing up.
4) He won´t stay here.
5) He never lets me drive his car.
6) I saw her lock the door.
7) Dad made me help him in the garden.
8) They are too young to travel to Italy alone.
9) I felt something crawl on my arm.
10) I´d rather not go to the cinema tonight.
11) What shall I do now?
12) Jack hopes to come in time to catch the train.
13) I don´t think it is worth seeing this film.
14) They go skiing every winter.
15) We had fun dancing in the club.
16) I´d prefer to eat out tonight.
17) He prefers walking to cycling.
18) I simply can´t help laughing .
19) He decided to study history.
20) I am looking forward to seeing you.
21) It´s no use walking in the heavy rain.
22) I don´t know where to go.
23) It must be Tom.
24) He refused to sleep in a tent.
25) I like going to the cinema.
26) I´d like to go to the theatre.
27) Are you interested in cycling ?
28) They suggested playing volleyball.
29) He may come a bit late.
30) Jane managed to get the job.
31) We need to buy milk.
32) He seems to be a good guy.
33) I can´t stand waiting.
34) We can´t afford to buy such an expensive car.
35) The children are too excited to sleep.
36) I am very pleased to meet you.
37) He admitted stealing the money.
38) She recommended visiting some museums.
39) I´d like to go somewhere else.
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