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HTC S730 has GPS, only not in specifications

"The s730 is using the Qualcomm MSM7200 processor and as such, it has a built-in GPS. The GPS even has an antenna attached to it. However, it is not something that HTC is supporting. That means that there is no software to 'enhance' the connection or useability of that GPS. But it is there and it can be used."

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I am not sure whether this is true. Accordint to http://www.coolsmartphone.com/article745.html :

We've got one of the first S730 phones here in the UK and it's running a test build of the software. There's been a lot of rumours about the GPS and it's a hotly debated topic. I tested it and got a couple of fixes on the test tools, so something inside does appear to be responding on COM4 at 57600 bps, but I couldn't get a fix with any software. Whether this is due to the GPS configuration or lack of GPS antenna I'm not sure, but Google Maps and several other navigation programs fail to get a fix.
The best I could get was three satellites, so it may be lacking an antenna. The official specs for this phone have no mention of GPS so it may perhaps be something that could be included later, I'm really not sure at this stage.
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Are you sure it is not true? There is HTC S730 GPS dicussion (http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_s730-reviews-2128.php) and some of users claim it has GPS:

2007-10-31 11:15 M{3N The S730 has an internal GPS reciever...u hav to enable it first using the HTCGPStool or GPS Test and use google maps if u wish...but S730 has internal GPS for sure..

or see this video:
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Moreover Garmin lists HTC730 as a compatible device for their Garmin Mobile™ XT (click the Specs tab):
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