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Canon EOS 50D

News on Canon EOS 40D replacement upgrade.
Please post news, rumors, links etc.
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Canon releases xxD model successors after approx. 18 months. The minimum was 12 months. I think we cannot expect shorter period.
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Yet another EOS 50 rumor:

-APS-C sensor
-ISO 6400, extended auto-ISO, new noise reduction processing
-3-inch hi-res screen
-Live View (with contrast detect focus)
-HDMI video out

Availability: not known
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Sounds reasonably, but is it a rumor or a wish only?
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EOS 50 D release date is 22nd September according to Kamerabild.se - http://www.kamerabild.se/bloggar.asp?inlagg_id=173&show=yes&Blogg_id=31
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