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-Who are Phylogenetically originally aquatic vertebrates? (1)
-RNA bases (2)
-How otften do horses go to the vet? (3)
-how fast can a welsh mountain pony run (1)
-How fast can a horse run (19)
-how long can a horse run with out stoping? (5)
-how old do hores live to be (5)
-how do you calm horses (2)
-do humans run faster than horses (7)
-how fast can a race horse run (2)
-how do we know when hores are sick? (4)
-what do you do if your pony has a heart attack (3)
-How long do horses live? (9)
-what do you do if your horse is ill (2)
-what is the fastest time a horse has ran? (6)
-how fast can horse run? (5)
-what is the average height for a race horse? (1)
-how fast does a Azteca run (1)
-What is the fastest mammal in the world? (2)
-How fast can a human run? (3)
-how fast can horses run in full gallop (2)
-Can a race horse run as fast as a car on the free way? (0)
-Does a horse dream? (0)