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How to install Adobe Flash Player on Windows Vista?

I have installed it already but I received message to install it again.
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you must run the installation as an administrator
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Follow these steps:
-Open C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash folder (Open Computer, click on C:, then on Windows, then System32, then Macromed and then on Flash)
-Click on FlashUtil9b file using the RIGHT mouse button
-Choose "Run as Administrator" from the menu
-Follow the FlashPlayer installer instructions
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I installed it many times and flashplayer does not work in Vista. Finally it works! Thanks!!!
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i do all the above and when i get to macromed it displays folder empty. any help with install ing flash player. i have also tried to download and security mesg appears "cannot verify publisher" can u help. anon11111
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when on trying to install flash it also says that it is not a valid win32 exe file. anon11111
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Tried all this and it still doesn't work! Any other suggestions?
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I followed the directions but I do not see FlashUtil9b file. Instead I see FlashUtil10d. That does not work.
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