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Avril Lavigne biography


Avril Ramona Lavigne Whibley, born 27 th September 1984, is a Canadian rock singer and Grammy Prize.
Avril is not the typical young pop princess, in fact, the exact opposite of Britney Spears. She likes punk music.
Avril has a younger sister and older brother. The singing started as early as two years in the local church choir. The choir sang in their ten years. This price was the way to Ottawa, where he sang duets with the famous singer Shania Twain. In his 13 years began to write their own songs and play guitar.


She liked dark colours . She had brown hair . She didnť like barbie style. She wasn’t popular and she was normal .She wasn’t reach. People didn’t recognize wasn’t her in the street don’t wan’t autography from her .


She likes pink colour . She has blond hair with pink stipe. She looks like . She is very popular . She has lot sof money. You can see in lot sof films , magazine , TV programes . Her photos are everywere on the Internet , because she is very nice , prejty and sexy and viros want look like as she .
I think that she is happy.
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And what you want doing?
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It's a discussion, maybe he want to hear that we agree with him =)
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I agree =)
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