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Would it be weird if I write to mother of my penpal?

I have a penpal. We communicate since the end of August. But now she hasn't replied me for almost two months. I'm sad,because she's great person and it were one of the best feelings in my life when I got an email from her. I don't know what to do,because I wrote her two other emails and I also contacted her on app Hangouts three times. She hasn't replied me,but she can't be very busy,because she normally adds new photos on Instagram. I don,t have any other conatct on her. I don't know if there's something wrong with my address(maybe I blocked her address by mistake) or if she doesn't want to reply me. Maybe she sent her message,but I just didn't receive it. I want to know the true. I have an email address on her mum. I want to try to write her and ask what was happen with her daughter. If she blocked me.doesn't want to reply me,still don't have time to answer or if there's problem with my address. Would it be embarrassing? Thank you for your help,because I'm very depent on her. Or if you have any other idea how to get know,if she answered me or something else how to contact her I will be very happy. Thank you,because I don't want to send her mum a message if it is embarrassing.
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Of course not.
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