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Is it correct or not?

My holidays

Immediately after the end of the school year, I went to Italy with my mom. We enjoyed the sun, swimming in the sea and visited Venice. It was a wonderful vacation. Then I had a part time job - I carried tourists to St. Barbara ´s Cathedral, St. James Church and Ossuary. When I had the day off, we went with my family to trip - we visited the castle in Zruč Sázavou, zoo in Ostrá, high tower near Kutna Hora called Vysoká, we were shopping in Prague and Pardubice and we also rode a bike. I think these holidays I really enjoyed.

Thanks for the correction!
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Hello Anonym446254. "I carried tourists" tady nejde, protože to znamená, že jsi turisty nesl na zádech. Lepší bude "I took tourists"nebo "I was a tourist guide at xxx cathedral". We went on trips to the castle in .... Dělat výlet = to go on a trip to. "We also rode a bike" není možné. Více lidí totiž nepojde na jednom kole. "We also went bike-riding", nebo "we also went on bike rides". Slovosled v angličtině není tak variabilní jako v češtině, tedy "I really enjoyed these holidays".
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