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Hello! I´m writing and article to school and I need your help.. If you could just read this and write me if there are some mistakes. Thank you!:)
Our school organizes sport tourist course in Croatia for students of the third classes. This trip lasts seven days. Students are accommodated in small cabins made of wood in quite spacious camp. Teachers held plenty of sports activities like tournaments in ping pong, football, badminton, volleyball and even the trip on bicycles to the neighbouring city. We also sailed on a comfortable boat to little island, where we spent a pleasant afternoon with grilled fish and local wine. We had an opportunity to take part in rafting and enjoy abundant vegetation, clear green water, caves and waterfalls which takes our breath away. In our free time we were sunbathing, swimming in the sea, playing games, going to clubs and restaurants or we just relaxed and enjoyed to do nothing. This trip was amazing and we all have amazing experiences.
Dancing lessons
Students of the second classes can participate in dancing lessons where they learn the most basic ballroom dances like salsa, cha-cha, tango or waltz. This whole course is finished by final performance that can visit parents and friends of students.
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Hello Lalapac, the simple present "organizes" is not possible here, because it suggests a regular action, like "our school organizes a skiing trip every year". In your text, it seems that you need the simple past, because the events have already happened, so "our school organized ..." Similarly "takes our breath away" should be "took our breath away", because it happened in the past. After "enjoy", you cannot use "to + infinitive", you have to use the -ing form, so "we enjoyed doing nothing". At the end there is a problem with the word order: "performances that can visit parents..." The performances do not visit the parents, the parents visit the performances. So you should say: "by a final performance for parents and friends of the school".
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