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Maturitní slohová práce Aj, kontrola

Dobrý den, přátelé, mohu Vás poprosit o kontrolu? Moc Vám děkuji.

It is generally believed that doing some kind of sport is essential for our body. According to scientists, we had better do some kind of sport at least three times a week instead of sport. Especially when we are used to the sedentary lifestyle.
Fortunately, there is a great deal of people who really enjoy doing some kind of sports. It is benefitial for them. On the other hand, the vast majority of professional athletes have a lot of health problems with their bones. These problems are a result of frequent and hard trainings.
If I were you, I would rather elect amateur or individual sports instead. It is almost the same like professional sports, but it is less intense. Not only you enjoy a lot of fun, but also you can spend your time with your friends. If these kinds of sport are not your cup of tee, do not worry. You can take up individual sports as well. I am talking running, swimming, hiking and skating.
As far as I am concerned, I prefer outdoor sports. Staying in the sun is perfect for me. I adore walking with my dog. Unfortunately, I can not do this activity in winter. That means I do indoor kinds of sports in winter. I am used to practising yoga every morning.

To sum it up, doing sports is benefitial to our body. You can strengthen your immune system as well as your physical condition. In addition, these sports will lead to a balanced lifestyle.
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instead of watching TV jsem chtěla napsat
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better do some kind of sport [...] instead of sport ???
great deal of people; opravdu "deal"? Ne např.high number? big percentage?
bones? Né joints?
trainings -> workouts
elect -> pick, choose
sports -> sport (activities)
It is almost the same as professional sport but less intensive.
Not only you enjoy a lot of fun; buď you enjoy it nebo you have a lot of fun
I am talking about ...
As far as I am concerned -> as for me nebo I myself prefer ...
adore -> love (adore = zbožňovat)
I do indoor kinds of sports in winter -> I do indoor sport in winter.

Angličtina používá slovo sport jinak. Slovo sports neexistuje. Český "sport" se podle významu překládá jako sport, game(s), (physical) activity, ...
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