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Prosím o pomoc s ájinou - spěchá...

Ahoj, potřebuju aby někdo zkontroloval můj sloh na ajinu (časy, členy atd.., ja vim ze to je hrozny je tam milion chyb atd takze ty chyby potrebuju alespon trochu zredukovat, předem děkuju za pomoc.. :

An Adventure Story

It was another autumn’s rainy day and I was at my grandma cottage. Unfortunately I forgot my notebook at home so I had nothing to do except playing with my dog. After while it got pretty boring, so I decided to go out even though it rained pretty heavily. I like the rain so it wasn´t that much a problem – at least not for me, but my dog was a little bit scared because as I discover later it was a beginning of a storm.

The cottage is situated on the edge of a village near to the woods so it was calm there and we were just walking around in a rain, cool breeze was playing with my hair and I was listening to the music of a drops falling on the ground. It was kind of relaxing but I noticed that my dog was shaking and that she was wet I also started to feel cold, my clothes were completely soaked! I decided to go home when suddenly – a thunder. It was a really loud one. I spotted that the sky was covered by clouds and it was getting dark.

At first I didn´t even realize that my dog had get out of a collar but then I felt somehow lighter so I noticed. I thought she might ran into the woods so I ran after her. I know it is stupid thing to do, it is the last thing to do in the middle of a storm but I couldn´t just leave her there, she has always been my loyal friend and I was thinking how she must be scared to death how I can´t leave her alone in such a storm therefore I run after her.

I was searching for her hours and it was already dark. I was cold. The storm doesn´t seemed to end. Few hours ago I had loved the rain now I hated it. I was devastated I felt like the desperation is choking me I decided to give up I didn´t have another choice I had to do it so I have come to conclusion that it´s time to go home.

It was like a big slap into my face I still don´t know what I was doing back than because in a minute I realized that I don´t know where I am. Until than I was just looking for my dog in a bad whether now I was looking for a way out of a nightmare. I was lost. Suddenly everything seemed so scary. I was walking in a darkness. Hours passes and I was walking without knowing where I was going. I was in a bad shape, I remember having this weird feeling, I was thinking something like:” So this is it? This how I die? -on hypothermia, lost in the woods? I can´t be that kind of person who´s dead body is found somewhere in the middle of the woods by random stranger..” Like I was saying I was REALLY in a bad shape. I was desperate, terrified, weak, cold and most of all pissed off and that was the last thing which has give me the strength to go on. I was still walking and it was still raining…

Suddenly it stopped raining and I could saw the daylight, you can´t imagine how that made me happy it was the most beautiful moment of my life. I remember that than I knew that everything is going to be alright. And it was. After like 10 minutes I walked out of that forest with a beautiful rainbow ahead of me. I was out and I couldn´t believe it. I just lay down on a grass looking on the rainbow. But I was still mourning at the time because I was sure that my dog was dead. I was wrong about that. When I stood up and looked around I noticed that I was at the same spot from which I was walking in to the forest yesterday. And when I looked around again I saw my dog crouching under something (I don´t know what that was anymore).I don´t know where I got the strength but I run towards her and when she saw me she started to lick my hands. I took her in my arms and I carried her home..

When I got home I was exhausted .I slept three days in the row and my loyal friend slept right next to me..:)
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zapni si v počítači anglický pravopis a to ti opraví největší chyby.
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..v angličtině jsi asi na nějaké vysoké úrovni, tak si to raději znovu přečti sama ;) *i když už je pozdě*
..já to dokáži asi tak pouze přeložit, ale hledat chyby nee ;)
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