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Public transport in the Czech Republic has recently greatly improved. You can include, for example, bus, tram or metro in public transport in the Czech Republic. In public transport it may not be comfortable for all people. Often the vehicle is so full that the driver has to leave you at a stop. when a homeless person who wants to play sits next to you. Often outside the city center, an hour is waiting for the next connection. On the other hand, with public transport we can get anywhere anywhere. Mostly drivers are on time. The individual means of transport follow each other and wait for each other. Public transport is kept relatively clean. He has a personal experience that will happen in the summer. The bus went around the stop and drove to the next nothing from the stop at the stop where it is to stand. Another experience is from the winter. When the bus was so full that the bus had to keep me waiting. Another bus left in an hour and a half.
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