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FCE - esej

Krásný dobrý večer, přátelé,
dneska jsem se v rámci přípravy na FCE zkoušky pustila do jedné eseje. Prosím, byl by někdo ochoten se mi na to podívata vyjádřit se k tomu? Budu moc ráda, pokud dostanu nějakou zpětnou vazbu...

To be honest, I have already thought about this question. When I was a child, I discussed about it with my grandparents. Although I cannot confirm this statement, according to both my grandparents it was such an stunning period of time. Not only because the relationships among people were better than today but also people who lived 100 years ago were able to live happier lifes.
But on the other hand, although people seemed to be more satisfied than we are nowadays, there was a lot of disadvantages as well. As the first drawback I mention the lack of healthcare. The twentieth century is associated with the gradual evolution of medicine. That means that doctors and scientists got to know many various diseases, however, they were not able to deal with them. As a result of this, a huge number of people unnecessarily died. To sum it up, we had better appreciate the current health system that is available to everyone.
What would we do if there were not any computers or even internet connection? If you lived a hundred years ago, you would find another kind of amusement. People who lived in this period of time were used to going to pubs instead of sitting at home in front of TVs. Moreover, they also preffered spending their free with the rest of their families.
I must point out that interpersonal relationship have changed rapidly since then. I am personally convinced that people who lived a hundred years ago were closer to each other. Let me explain it. The biggest mening of their lives was to work in fields and to take care of their households. The majority of children was brought up to be helpful to their parents. Since they cooperated, they were in touch all the time. If we move to the present, parents as well as their children are really busy. Whereas children attend school, parents go to work in order to earn some money. Consequently, they meet only in the evening and for a short time.

In conclusion, it is really difficult for me to answer this question. In my opinion, living a hundred years ago offers a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. I admit I am satisfied I live today. If I lived a hundred years ago, I would be satisfied as well.
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I discussed it
it was such A stunning period
live happier liVes
more satisfied than we are TODAY (podle mě lepší než "nowadays")
there WERE a lot of disadvantages
we haVE A better appreciatION OF (snad chápu dobře, co jsi chtěla říct??)
amusement - lépe entertainment
spending their free TIME
children wERE
Whereas - lépe asi jen AS
living a hundred years ago offerED
I am HAPPY TO live today (místo today možná lépe AT PRESENT)
If I lived a hundred years ago, I would HAVE beEN satisfied as well.

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