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Charles Darwin

He was born in 1809 in Shopshire, in England. He didn't want to be a doctor as hid father, because he detested the blood.
He studied the classical literature in Cambridge, but later he chose the botany and geology.
In 1831, he joined to the world tour on the ship Beagle. He left England in 27 december for 5 years. The biggest discoveries were the islands Galapagos. In the islands, Darwin studied the flora and fauna. He took that tortoises from a first island were diferent than tortoises from a sedond island or birds finches, they had diferent peckers. He decided, animals must have adapted. He called it-natural selection. It simply means:" Only the more powerful animals can oulive, because they can adapted."
He very afraided to publish own works, because christians disagreed with his theories, for example: People are from ape. His 1. and very famous book called The origin od species. Gradually, his theories made right.
In my opinion, Darwin had a true and I approve with him.
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